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Back In The Saddle Again

Originally posted on The Shepherd’s Haven Facebook page on October 20, 2021

I have to share this. I was feeling very down and depressed for a very long time, many many months, for a lot of different reasons, and I wasn’t doing anything with The Shepherd’s Haven, or my book, “Big Dreams, Scary Giants, And Itty-Bitty Grasshoppers: Letting God Make His Dreams For You Come True, “ anymore.

Despite years of giving my best effort, I wasn’t making any progress, and finally, I came to the conclusion, it was time to just give up. So I did. I didn’t announce it, not even to God, or myself. I just walked away from it, even though, in my heart I still wanted it to happen. But I realized I couldn’t force it to happen, just because I wanted it so badly.

This was not an easy, happy retirement for me, I wanted to be in the thick of winning souls for God, and helping all the hurting people around me, but I was in a frame of mind that I couldn’t even seem to help myself. My dreams and visions were dead. My book and ministry were on life support. No, truthfully, they too, were dead.

Then on March 24, earlier this year I received a ray of hope from a Facebook friend, sending me a quick message.

“Hey Lady! Been thinking about you! Hope all is well. How are things at the Shepherd’s Haven? I believe we are more in need of these services than ever. The children are in crisis. God bless you and your ministry!”

I responded noncommittally to her, “Thank you, I appreciate it.” And that was it.

And then, she wrote again in June.

“Hey Kristin! We just bought our RV. We’re hoping to make it out there soon. Would still love to meet you and visit Shepherd’s Haven!”

Dejectedly I responded to her,

“Yes hi. We still have the ranch in Arizona but we now spend most of the year in Florida. I am not actively trying to get the ministry going anymore, unless God starts letting me know He still has plans for it. I kept trying to get it going but without any help, financially or otherwise, I finally just set it aside.”

She responded,

“Oh I’m sorry. I finally got into a better position to be able to travel some. We were thinking of places we’d like to see and, of course, I thought of the ranch. I’m sorry it didn’t work out the way you’d hoped. There is such a need for the ministry. Especially for the children that are being rescued from the traffickers. Wish we were all younger! God bless you!”

And I replied, “Thank you I appreciate that and agree with you. I am not saying that I wouldn’t jump right back in to do something if God let’s me know that is what He wants me to do, but being honest it just got very discouraging for me when I spent thousands of dollars to publish my book and then couldn’t even give the book away for free. So it is up to God now to make it happen or not.”

Her response was, “I gotcha. I love the dream, the idea. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

And I made the comment to her, “Thank you I appreciate it. I am still praying that it really was God that gave me the message and that in His time He will make it happen, but I finally realized that without His doing it, in my own strength it certainly won’t. If it happens, we will all know it is God’s doing.”

So that was the spark God used to start bringing a little life back into my dreams and visions. A little hope that maybe God wasn’t finished with me yet. My friend kept conversing with me, bringing back more and more hope and even excitement.

We have had many conversations now, and I am feeling full of hope and expectation to see what the Lord is going to do. A few nights ago, the Lord spoke to me in my dreams and told me something that I shared with my friend just a few hours ago, and this is what I told her. “Just think God used you to get me back on track again because I was so down I didn’t even think I could do it anymore. But God told me the other night that He deliberately allowed my dreams and visions to die, and the ministry to be all but declared dead and on life support, so that WHEN He raises the ministry from the dead, just like when He asked Ezekiel if the dead bones could live again? —EVERYONE will know that it is the power of God raising this ministry from out of nowhere. “It is not by might, nor by power, but by MY SPIRIT” saith the Lord.

And then she sent me the song I am sharing here.

After listening to it, I told her, “Lol! I love it! That is so funny you would send that to me, because it mirrors what God was telling me almost exactly— and yet I had never heard of this group or song before. Wow.

And she replied, “It’s one of our current faves and what you said brought it right to mind. Getting those Holy Ghost chills!!

To which I said, “Me too! Ok, it’s our new theme song, ha ha! God is going to raise this ministry, HIS Ministry! Cannot wait to see how He does it!

Spring and Summer Happenings

A lot of exciting and wonderful events have happened this year in our family and the best way to share them with you is in pictures.

Our daughter, Heather Anne, exchanged wedding vows with Japheth Lee Inman on March 26, 2016 at Paradise Cove Resort in Orlando, Florida. The wedding party consisted of the Matron of Honor, Amber Wilnau, Maid of Honor, Katrina Stowers and Bridesmaid, Regina Tevis, and the Best Man, Wayne Johnson, Groomsman, Joe Beavers, and Ring Bearer, Isaiah Rodriquez. My powers of description cannot do justice to how wonderful this day was or how perfect it went (except for the raging rainstorm that occurred during the wedding ceremony which forced the activities to be moved under the cover of the pavillion.)  In the simplest of terms, the wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun and the food at the wedding reception dinner was superb. There were literally hundreds of pictures taken to choose from so it was hard to narrow it down to just these few. Double click on any picture to see the names of the people in them.


Here is a picture of Heather and Japheth on their honeymoon.heather-and-jay-honeymoon

Two months later, on May 25th, Indigo got a little sister named Grace Olivia, or “Gwacie” as he calls her. Indigo loves his little sister. In the last picture, Gracie is wearing the first Christmas dress that her mother, Katrina, wore when she was about three months old.


The last week in May, my mother and sister moved back to live with us, permanently this time. So, we are now in the process of constructing an apartment for them to live in. They have been living in a small trailer for the time being, but when cold weather sets in they will take up residence in our house until the apartment is completed. Along with all of the construction and beautification projects that have been in progress on the ranch for the past several months, we have also managed to tend our garden.

February 26, 2016: Catching Up


This is a catch up post because I have neglected to write any since October of last year for several reasons, the main one being that so much has been going on that I could not concentrate long enough to put into coherent words what I was thinking or feeling. I have just been doing. For a week surrounding Memorial Day weekend last year, our daughter, Heather flew from Orlando, Florida, and our daughter, Katrina, and her six-month old son, Indigo, came from Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit us. Keeping up with Indigo was exhausting, and wonderful, and it was awesome to see all of them.


John and Kristin Johnson with grandson, Indigo.


Katrina with her son, Indigo.


Heather with her nephew, Indigo.









A month later, my mother and sister came to visit us the last week in June, just after she discovered that a supposedly routine medical test indicated that she had Stage 4 Lung Cancer and she was scheduled for immediate surgery on July 1st in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Thus, July was spent making several trips back and forth from Concho, Arizona to Albuquerque, New Mexico, taking her to the hospital for surgery, later visiting her at The Fiesta Medical Resort for the initial three week period of her recovery, bringing her back to Concho to recuperate at our home with us, and then making an additional trip to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico to bring my sister, Julyne, to our home as well. After spending the month of August with us and my mother regaining her strength, they returned to New Mexico in September. Once again, my mother is cancer free and doing great.


IMG_1534Somewhere along the way I gave up on our garden and left it to its own devices to grow, or not. Despite my neglect, (or perhaps because of it), we still ended up with a bumper crop of tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, and a few other crops, but unkempt does not begin to describe its appearance.

In September, Katrina gave us the news that she is expecting her second child in May, this time a little girl. Just in time, Indigo is walking and getting very active.


Katrina, her son, Indigo, and her dog, Marley

Another exciting event coming up on March 26, 2016, one month from today, our daughter, Heather Anne will be getting married to Jay Inman in Florida. We are all thrilled and excited. I would love to share all the pictures of Heather trying on wedding dresses, but for obvious reasons I have to wait, (Jay Inman). But the dress she picked is beautiful, and she looks gorgeous!

Heather and Jay

Heather Stowers and fiance, Jay Inman

On a different note, there have been significant delays in producing my book as an audiobook, but apparently, everything is back on track and Josh Odeneal and Dr. Diane Howard are working on it now. Stay tuned for an update on when it will be completed.IMG_7499

Did I mention that my grandson, Indigo, is learning to walk?


October 13, 2015: Big Dreams, Scary Giants Turns 2!

Josh Odeneal of New Sound Studio working on audiobook version of Big Dreams.

Josh Odeneal of New Sound Studio working on audiobook version of Big Dreams.

Two years ago today I published my first book, “Big Dreams, Scary Giants And Itty-Bitty Grasshoppers: Letting God Make His Dreams For You Come True.” Over the past two years the book has received several five star reviews, and is currently in the process of being turned into an audiobook by Josh Odeneal of New Sound Studio (engineer) and Dr. Diane Howard (narrator), which should be completed within the next month or two.

To mark this occasion, several copies of the book will be given away on Amazon at

Please share this blog about the Amazon Giveaway with your family and friends. Good luck!

May 1, 2015: Happy Birthday Mom!

Great grandma, Claudia Hoffman with her one-month old, great-grandson, Indigo. Great grandma, Claudia Hoffman, with her one-month old, great-grandson, Indigo.

My mother, Claudia Arlyne Philippi Hoffman is celebrating her 79th birthday today. I am not able to spend the day with her but I wanted to do something to let her know how special she is to me and to the rest of her family, and how much we love her. If you have looked at any of the videos or pictures on this website, you have probably seen several pictures and videos of her already, but I decided to share a few pictures of her that have been taken over the years at various important times in her life, as well as a few pictures of her family — children, grandchildren, spouses/fiancee’s, and great-grandchild, Indigo. Here are a few pictures from when she was just a little girl.

Claudia Hoffman Pictures 007

Claudia Philippi, front row, 3rd from left. Claudia Philippi, front row, 3rd from left.


Claudia Hoffman Pictures 003

Claudia Philippi high school graduation picture. She graduated from Wymore High School in Wymore, Nebreska in 1954. Claudia Philippi high school graduation picture. She graduated from Wymore High School in Wymore, Nebreska in 1954.

This is my mom’s high school graduation picture. She graduated from Wymore High School in Wymore, Nebreska in 1954.

Claudia Hoffman Pictures 004

My mother graduated from Lincoln General Hospital School of Nursing in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1958 and actively worked as a nurse for 54 years until she retired in January, 2011.




Ed & Claudia Hoffman 001This is a picture of my mother and father on their wedding day on April 5, 1959.

Claudia Hoffman Pictures 006

This is a picture of my mother on her first Mother’s Day, just after my sister, Esther Julyne, was born on January 14, 1960.

This is a family portrait that was taken sometime around 1973/1974.

Back row from left, Julyne, Ed, Claudia, and Kristin Hoffman, front row from left, Blake and Lance Hoffman Back row from left, Julyne, Ed, Claudia, and Kristin Hoffman, front row from left, Blake and Lance Hoffman
Julyne Hoffman Daughter Julyne Hoffman


Kristin and daughters, Katrina and Heather Stowers Daughter Kristin and her daughters, Katrina and Heather Stowers


Son-in-law, John Johnson Son-in-law, John Johnson







Blake Hoffman Son Blake Hoffman







Lance Hoffman and Claudia Hoffman Son Lance Hoffman and Claudia Hoffman


Heather Stowers, left, and Katrina Stowers on right. Granddaughters Heather Stowers, left, and Katrina Stowers on right.

This is a picture of her two granddaughters, Katrina Marie Stowers and Heather Anne Stowers.


Heather Stowers and her fiancee, Jay Inman. Granddaughter Heather Stowers and her fiancee, Jay Inman.


Nye Gallaway and son, Indigo. Nye Gallaway and son, Indigo.


Katrina and son, Indigo. Granddaughter Katrina and her son, Indigo.


Have a wonderful birthday today, Mom! I love you!

Your daughter, Kristin


p.s. I have a small confession to make. I still am not very skilled at using this program and haven’t figured out how to make the pictures line up with the text properly, and a few other things like that, so please forgive the mistakes.

April 6, 2015: Working in the Garden


We have been busy these past few weeks on the ranch, mostly working in the garden. Various cold-tolerant plants that were planted weeks ago are breaking the surface of the ground, some of them, like the peas, are already several inches tall. Last week Copper and I planted beets, turnips, and cabbage.IMG_7415

Before we moved to Arizona from Florida, I was a full-time teacher, and did not spend much time gardening, although we did have a small, approximately ten foot by five foot garden on the side of our house that my husband took care of primarily. I share this with you not so much as a confession that I am not a knowledgeable gardener (yet, even though I did manage to kill an air fern once when I was a college student,) but to impress upon you what a delight it is for me to see our plants and trees begin to grow and thrive.


March 18, 2015: Almost There–The Book is Coming to Audio

Dr. Diane Howard working on AudioBook of "Big Dreams, Scary Giants, And Itty-Bitty Grasshoppers: Letting God Make His Dreams For You Come True."

Dr. Diane Howard working on AudioBook of “Big Dreams, Scary Giants, And Itty-Bitty Grasshoppers: Letting God Make His Dreams For You Come True.”

Last month, Dr. Diane Howard and Josh Odeneal (of New Sound Studio) started work on producing “Big Dreams, Scary Giants, And Itty-Bitty Grasshoppers: Letting God Make His Dreams For You Come True” as an AudioBook. Although there have been a few delays for one reason or another, they are almost half way through the voice narration, and afterwards, it will require two or three weeks for Josh to edit the digital file and add sound effects. If everything continues to go smoothly and according to plan, the AudioBook should be completed by mid-April and be available for purchase on Amazon, Audible, and through other sales outlets soon thereafter. Stay tuned for further updates!

February 15, 2015: Working Around the Ranch


I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Valentines Day! The past several weeks have been hectic around the ranch, so despite my best intentions, I have not written a post since the end of January. This coming week promises to be very busy as well. On Monday, Dr. Diane Howard, and Josh Odeneal of New Sound Studio will begin production on the AudioBook version of my book, “Big Dreams, Scary Giants, and Itty-Bitty Grasshoppers: Letting God Make His Dreams For You Come True.”

For the past two weeks, Copper and I have been busy at work planning our garden for this spring, and we have spent a few hours pulling weeds and getting the garden ready for planting. We are not yet finished, but we have come a long way. We have also spent time cleaning out Dexter’s (one of our rabbits) new home, and lining it with stone pavers to prevent predators from digging into, or Dexter from digging out of, his cage. An additional project involved Copper raking out the chicken yard, and spending a lot of her time picking up debris from the property. It has been a lot of hard work, but well worth it. Below are a few pictures we took of all our efforts to beautify the property and prepare the garden.



January 28, 2015: The Book is Coming to Audio!

Greetings Everyone!

This past several days has been beyond busy, with a fair amount of excitement mixed in. Soon after publishing my book, “Big Dreams, Scary Giants, and Itty-Bitty Grasshoppers: Letting God Make His Dreams For You Come True,” a regular comment, or request I would receive would be whether the book was on audio, because for one reason or another, reading the book was difficult (eyesight, etc.), or inconvenient (lack of time). So it has been niggling in the back of my mind ever since that it was something I should consider.

Many months ago, through a seemingly inconsequential sequence of events, I became FaceBook friends with Dr. Diane Howard. I read her postings every time I saw them and felt strangely drawn to her. At some point, soon after becoming friends, God spoke to me and told me that one day she would be my “voice” for the Audiobook version, but it wasn’t yet time. Of course, it seemed like my own wishful thinking, so I put it in the back of my mind. Last week, I felt led to pursue having my book produced as an Audiobook,  and to message Dr. Howard and ask her if she would be interested. I felt I was making an exploratory, fact-finding gesture–believing that it would be too expensive for me to contemplate pursuing for a very long time. But I was praying. Hard.

Long story short, Dr. Howard put me in touch with Joshua Odeneal, and everything started to fall into place very quickly. And God provided the necessary resources. So with great delight, I share the awesome news that my book will be produced as an Audiobook by Joshua Odeneal of New Sound Studio, and Dr. Diane Howard will be providing the narration.  I will be sharing much more about them over the coming weeks, as this project progresses towards completion. Please share this post with your family and friends–it would be greatly appreciated!

For now, with their permission, I share information about each of them from their websites below.

joshodeneal w background

Joshua Odeneal is the owner and producer at New Sound Studio. New Sound Studio is a recording studio designed for voice recording and audio mixing and mastering. Josh’s gifted ear and in-depth understanding of the science-of-sound truly give you the best possible recipe for perfection! He is honest, hard-working, and has the highest standard of integrity. He has the skill and drive to produce the best possible results…no matter the project! He will work together with you, to capture the vision of your project and produce a finished work that surpasses your expectations! His website is

Diane Howard Photo

Dr. Diane Howard is a movie dialect/dialogue coach. She is also a film and voice actor.  She is a former university performance studies, communication, and film professor.

Dr. Howard has been known for her work with the redemptive movies Return to the Hiding Place and Alone Yet Not Alone as a dialect coach. She is currently working with the trilogy of movies, My Heart Dies With You , as a dialect coach and actor and the movie Broken as a dialect coach.  She has been attached to the following movies The Prodigal Film and The Long Run, as a dialogue/acting coach. As a voice-over artist she has an authoritative but caring academic voice for industrial, historical, educational books and pod-casts; as well as an expressive narrative voice and range of character voices for commercials, short stories, novels, animations, and more. Dr. Howard’s website is


Kristin Kay Johnson